Monday, July 18, 2011

Want to post to Blogger from Google+? I've...

Want to post to Blogger from Google+?

I've seen similar tips for other services, but just in case Blogger users don't know that they can do this:

1) Go to Blogger -> Settings | Mobile and email
2) add a secret word to your blog's e-mail address
3) Save
4) Create a Circle, and add one contact by e-mail address - use your blog's e-mail address that you configured in step 2
5) Save the circle
6) when posting in the Stream, add your blog's circle (make sure to have the "also email..." option checked)

If this works, this should appear at as a post.

Update: One hiccup: the e-mail that's sent from Google+ to Blogger includes the e-mail address (which exposes the secret word) and includes an "unsubscribe" link... which means you'd need to edit the post once it arrives at Blogger (and remove both) to ensure that others don't abuse this. Consider this a proof of concept - still a few issues to iron out. :)*
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